News and Current Events - 2004

- Doug, Nick and Jimi polished up the Big House Blues Band recording of the Beatles' track "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (6MB). P.S. Don't forget you can right click (Ctrl click - Mac) the links to music files on this page to save them to your hard drive :)

- Tom's CD "Solid Ground" is now officially available! To get your copy, email Tom for more information at:

- Doug, Nick and Jimi completed the Big House Blues Band track "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo" (4.4MB). The guys also polished up "She Caught The Katie" (4MB).

- Doug, Nick and Jimi worked on a track for the Big House Blues Band. In a fun session the guys put down the song "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo" with Nick on lead vocal.

- Jimi did some fine tuning on the mixes in a final session this evening for Tom Sydloski's new CD "Solid Ground". Keep checking in for info on where you can pick up a copy of the disc.

- Doug, Nick and Jimi worked on the Big House Blues Band track "She Caught The Katie".

- Tom, Doug, Nick and Jimi put a day into mixing Tom's CD. It is now officially known as "Solid Ground".

- Frozen House conducted their first session of 2004 recording the old Curtis Mayfield track "People Get Ready". Except for a upcoming organ overdub by Louie Kiel, the track is pretty much complete.

- All three studio web cams are now active. Check them out on Saturdays during the Fall/Winter/Spring seasons to watch the recording sessions as they happen!

- We have the first of what we hope to be three studio web cams active in our instrument studio room. Click the link above to take a peek. If the lights are on you should be able to view the action live as it happens!

- Jimi began work installing web cams for the Vinyl Wall - Rahn Street facility. He has been successful with the security portion (which has password protected access). A web cam is slated to be installed in the studio room in the future. We'll post a note here when it is installed and you can watch recording sessions at Vinyl Wall live on the web!

- Doug and Jimi completed work on "Hey Bartender" (2.7MB) for the Big House Blues Band.

Summer 2004
- We haven't had any audio recording sessions for the summer season as we've decided to enjoy the summer. However, we did have a rather extensive film to video scan project and installed some new equipment while we were at it...

We picked up a MovieStuff Video CineMate 20 Telecine projector. Doug then built a cabinet for the unit. It does a superb job of scanning 8mm film to video, shooting right off the emulsion of the film instead of a projected image of the film.

Click here to see a concept drawing of the unit: CineMate 20 concept.

Go here for more info: Vinyl Wall CineMate.

Also during the late-summer, Jimi put some time into mixing Tom Sydloski's project. There shouldn't be too much work left on the project so "stay tuned" to where and when you'll be able to pick up a copy for yourself.

- Liberace, "Michael Jefferson" and the children recorded a new tune today. Photos of the session can be seen here: Photos. A rough mix of the tune can be downloaded here: Let Go (5MB).

- Another beautiful spring day in Michigan was spent in Vinyl Wall Studios recording another Sydloski track. Tom, Doug and Jimi recorded "In A Hole". A rough mix of the rockin' track can be heard here: In A Hole (4.5MB).

- Tom and the boys completed another Sydloski original titled "Give Me My Money Back". Jay Carr (Tight Fit/R-Eazy) dropped by the studio and added tambourine to the track. You can hear a rough mix here: Give Me My Money Back (5.2MB)

- Tom, Nick, Doug and Jimi completed a new track of Tom's called "Bye Bye Baby". You can listen to it here: Bye Bye Baby (4.9MB)

- Big House Blues Band began recording on the Beatles classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". When the track has been completed we will post a link to it here.

- We've installed a new 24/48 channel mixing board in our control room! It features an 8-channel bus, 6 auxillary/effect paths, 2 headphone channels, a secondary "B" mixing section, a full meter bridge for every channel, phantom mic power and a full talkback system. We've posted a photo of the new console here: Behringer Eurodesk MX 9000.

- Tom, Nick, Doug and Jimi Ray began work on Tom's "Peace With A Gun". It is an excellent track that asks "Is a war ever really won? Who's to say when, and if, the fightings done? Could somebody expain to me, how you make peace with a gun?". Once the track is complete we will proudly post a link to it here.

- Tom Sydloski, Nick Houseman, Doug Houseman and Jimi Ray recorded Tom's track "Pushin' Freedom's Plow" today. You can download the track here: Pushin' Freedom's Plow (5.7MB).

- Tom Sydloski, Nick Houseman, Doug Houseman and Jimi Ray recorded Tom's track "Want What We Want" in their slippers. You can download the track here: Want What We Want (6.6MB). Photos of the slipperfest can be viewed here: photos.

- Tom Sydloski, Nick Houseman, Doug Houseman and Jimi Ray recorded Tom's track "Solid Ground". You can download the track here: Solid Ground (5.3MB).

- Tom Sydloski, Nick Houseman, Doug Houseman and Jimi Ray completed Tom's track "I Will Not Lie Down" today (while Tom wore a hat). Download a rough mix of the track here: I Will Not Lie Down (3.6MB).

- The Big House Blues Band began work on the song "She Caught The Katie" this evening.

- Tom Sydloski, Nick Houseman, Doug Houseman and Jimi Ray began work on Tom's "And It's Cold Outside Tonight" today. And It's Cold Outside Tonight (6.5MB). The guys are scheduled for another session this coming Saturday.

- Pat Houseman was kind enough take a few photos of the Big House Blues Band while rehearsing at the Rahn Street Studio. You can view the photos here: Big House Blues Band.

- "Feedback" and "Tell A Friend" forms repaired. Due to our web server switch (from a Linux server off-site to a Mac OS X [Unix] box in-house), the forms did not work between December 30, 2003 and January 4, 2004. The recipient of messages sent from the forms between the listed dates did NOT receive the messages. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

- The Big House Blues Band put down another two tracks today. Hoochie Coochie Man (3.4MB) and I'm Easy (2.4MB).

- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone at Vinyl Wall Productions would like to wish you a great 2004!

Also, we have finished moving the Vinyl Wall Web Site in-house. It is now being served from the new 320 Rahn studio facilities on a Mac OS X box. The download speed of the site should at least double with the move.