News and Current Events - 2002

10/02 and 11/02
- Vinyl Wall Productions is in the process of moving its studio facilities to a new location in Muskegon, MI. There will be little news to report during the transition to the new location.

We would, however, like to report that tracks from Frozen House and Tom Sydloski have been submitted to WYCE 88.1 FM in Grand Rapids, MI for airplay consideration. Let WYCE know that you'd like to hear them on air at or phone the studio line at: (616) 742-9923.

- Vinyl Wall has completed converting its computer Operating Systems over to Apple's Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar". Since the new OS has a Unix core, all of our software needed upgrading. We wish to thank "Billy" for getting us out of a bind by locating some important software upgrades we required.

Also, the new Frozen House CD "Waves" is mastered and ready to rock. The sleeve artwork is still being designed but should be completed soon. We will post a note here when it is ready and where you can purchase it.

- FROZEN HOUSE - Doug and Jimi completed the sessions for the new album (to be titled "Waves") at Jimi's Grand Haven apartment by finishing the recording of two of Tom Sydloski's songs that Vinyl Wall has had on the shelf for years. Jimi has always liked the numbers and is excited to be able to include them on the set. They can be heard here: Everything And Nothing (3.6MB) and So Many Times (4.9MB).

- FROZEN HOUSE - Doug, Jimi and Tom Sydloski gathered at Vinyl Wall (Crowley) for the final session at the Crowley studio to record a track of Tom's and to polish off another of Doug and Jimi's. Tom's number is called "Might Have Been/It's Never Too Late" and is a great upbeat song with a retro feel. It can be heard here: Might Have Been/It's Never Too Late (1.5MB).

Jimi also recorded the vocals for the music written by Doug that Frozen House started recording on November 24, 2001. It was originally titled "Take Me Away" but was later retitled "Time Alone With Desire" after Jimi completed the lyrics about Pamela Kay. (Did Jimi tell you how crazy he is about Pam? ). The song can be heard here: Time Alone With Desire (4.6MB).

-Vinyl Wall is saddened to learn of today's loss of a musical legend and genius - The Who's John Entwistle. Entwistle, 57, known as "Ox" or "Thunderfingers," died at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada on Thursday, after suffering an apparent heart attack. He was on medication for a heart condition. His death came just one day before the group was set to begin a North American tour. The group's drummer Keith Moon died of a accidental overdose 24 years ago at the age of 31.

- FROZEN HOUSE - Doug and Jimi have completed recording on the untitled song they started tracking on 4/5/02 (see that day's news entry). It has been given the title "When You Smile At Me" and is about Doug's daughter Katie. You can hear it here: When You Smile At Me (6.3MB).

- FROZEN HOUSE - Jimi has completed the remix of the 1992 Frozen House CD - "Potpourri Of Fools". It is now available for purchase at the above link.

We have added the capability to purchase Frozen House and Tight Fit compact discs and DVD/VHS videos directly from this web site! Purchases may now be made securely through

- FROZEN HOUSE - Doug and Jimi recorded a song titled "Hit The Wall" on Saturday. You can hear it here: Hit The Wall (3.8MB).

Vinyl Wall Productions sends condolences to the family and friends of Alice In Chains' late singer Layne Staley. Staley was found dead in his North Seattle home late Friday night (April 19). He was 34.

- FROZEN HOUSE - On Friday, Doug and Jimi started work on an untitled song of Doug's. It is a slow blues number with a hint of the 50's. (See also the news entry dated 6/22/02.)

- FROZEN HOUSE - Vinyl Wall Studios and Sound Labs is currently working on a remix of the 1992 Frozen House CD - "Potpourri Of Fools". "Potpourri Of Fools" was essentially the brain child of Tom Sydloski and was originally recorded in mid-late 1991 on 4-track cassette tape (click here for more background). Given the limitations of the 4-track cassette format and considering only 12 hours were given to mix and master the original project in a make-shift control room, Jimi was never satisfied with the technical presentation of the material.

With the installation of Vinyl Wall's new "direct to disc" computerized multitrack system, we now have the tools to present "Potpourri Of Fools" in the best way possible. All of the multitrack tapes for the sessions have been transcribed into the new system. This allows extra detail to be given to each track not formerly possible with Vinyl Wall's previous equipment.

Jimi has been working on this remix for about two weeks now and is very excited about the results he is getting. He expects to have the project complete within another week or two.

- FROZEN HOUSE - Doug and Jimi recorded a great new funky song of Doug's on Saturday titled "That's Who I Am". You can hear it here: That's Who I Am (3.5MB).

Vinyl Wall has completed conversion of its studios from from a tape based multitrack environment to a computerized "direct to disc" multitrack environment. The new system will allow recording of up to 64 audio tracks with the possibility to record 999 virtual tracks. The new system will also allow the addition of midi capabilities into Vinyl Wall's recording environment.

- FROZEN HOUSE - The first recording on Vinyl Wall's new computerized system was a blues number Doug and Jimi recorded on Saturday titled "Edwin's Tribute". Doug arranged the song in memory of his late friend Mark Etterman, based on the Clapton/Page track "Tribute to Elmore". It can be heard here: Edwin's Tribute (3.6 MB).

- FROZEN HOUSE - on Saturday Doug and Jimi completed work on Doug's "Half Full". Click here to hear the track: Half Full (2.5 MB).

- FROZEN HOUSE - Doug and Jimi completed recording on Jimi's Deep Purple influenced "There To See The Dawn". It can be heard here: There To See The Dawn (5.7 MB).