News and Current Events - 2001

- FROZEN HOUSE - on Saturday, Doug and Jimi began work on another Houseman original tentatively titled "Half Full".

We are deeply saddened by the death of former Beatle George Harrison. Click here for our thoughts and information about the loss of a musical legend.

- FROZEN HOUSE - began recording on Jimi's "Tell Her" on Friday, November 23. Jimi wrote "Tell Her" for Pamela Kay - did Jimi tell you how crazy he is about Pam? The song can be heard here: Tell Her (5.8 MB).

Additionally, Doug and Jimi began work on one of Doug's new tracks, tentatively titled "Take Me Away" on Saturday, November 24. (This number was later retitled "Time Alone With Desire". See the 7/20/02 news entry for more info.)

- FROZEN HOUSE - began recording sessions for their follow-up CD to "They Used To Be Records" on Saturday October 27. The new CD is slated to be filled with all original material (and will be titled "Waves").

- FROZEN HOUSE - Recording sessions for the new Frozen House CD - "They Used To Be Records" - are officially complete. The CD will include the following tracks: Hippy Hippy Shake, Runaway, Money (That's What I Want), You Really Got A Hold On Me, Ruby Baby, Be-Bop-A-Lula, Lonely Teardrops, Roll Over Beethoven & I've Got Dreams To Remember.

- REPLAY - Vinyl Wall has received word that contrary to our July 9, 2001 news posting, Replay will NOT be disbanding! At least for now. Apparently, lead singer Tony Van Lente has decided to continue with the band for another season. This is great news for Replay fans as this group is extremely talented.

- Words fail us in our attempt to express our sympathy for the victims of today's horrific tragedy - this morning's attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon - and related events. Vinyl Wall would like to offer our sincerest condolences to everyone that may have been affected by this morning's tragic events.
God bless America.

- FROZEN HOUSE - completed recording on the Otis Redding song I've Got Dreams To Remember for the upcoming oldies disc. The song gave Frozen House the opportunity to use Doug's newly acquired Hammond M111A organ and Leslie speaker.

- FROZEN HOUSE - has entered into negotiations with WMKG TV 40 in Muskegon, Michigan regarding television airplay of their self produced music videos. If you would like to see Frozen House on TV40, let WMKG know by sending them an email :

- REPLAY - Augie Miller, Jane Bassett and Jimi Ray (all formerly of Tight Fit) are in talks regarding the formation of a classic rock style band to be culled from the remnants of the Replay band. Replay's final gig is slated to take place in Traverse City on September 9, 2001.

- FROZEN HOUSE - Tom Sydloski, Doug and Jimi recorded Del Shannon's "Runaway" on Saturday July 7 for the upcoming oldies CD. Doug used a rare Doog(R) (similar to the classic Moog(R) synthesizer) for the solo which dates from around 1955. Oddly enough, the only Doog known to be in existence was found in Muskegon, MI and was used on this recording.

- FROZEN HOUSE - On Saturday, June 23, Jimi and Doug completed recording on "Roll Over Beethoven" for the new Frozen House oldies CD.

- FROZEN HOUSE - Great news! Tom Sydloski, Doug and Jimi got together at Vinyl Wall (Crowley) on Saturday June 9, 2001 and completed a track for the new Frozen House oldies CD.

- FROZEN HOUSE - is currently working on a new CD of Oldies tentatively titled "They Used To Be Records".
- Doug and Jimi are also hoping to do some more work with Tom Sydloski in the near future and will post updates here as to the progress of these sessions.