News and Current Events - 2005/2006

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7/28/11 3:46 PM


after a long period of neglecting the website, we're taking a look at sprucing things up around here...


Our mail and web servers were unavailable for most of the day yesterday (Wednesday 5/16) due to a flaky internet connection. We've replaced our router and think everything should be good to go! We are also planning a WebServer hardware update this coming weekend so there will be brief periods our email and websites will not be available.


R-Eazy's Ardie Neumann lost her battle with cancer today. Our sympathy goes out to the Neumann family. Ardie will be missed.


We've been updating some equipment in the studio in preparation for upcoming sessions. Take a peek at our equipment pages to see...


Ardie Neumann Benefit a Success! Yesterday's benefit for Ardie Neumann is being considered a success! First estimates show funds of around $4,300 being raised to aid in paying the West Michigan music verteran's medical debt.

Thanks to all that donated and contributed to the event!

We've posted photos from the show here: Benefit


- Vinyl Wall regrets to report that guitarist and vocalist Ardie Neumann of R-Eazy has been diagnosed with lung cancer. A benefit show fund raising event will be held for her September 17, 2006 at Rossi's Nightclub (2411 Hall Road, near Sheridan in  Muskegon, Michigan).

This event will celebrate Ardie Neumann's life with the show's proceeds helping to offset costs incurred since her diagnosis of stage three lung cancer.
The list of acts scheduled to contribute
their talent include [subject to change]:

- R-Eazy (Ardie's group)
- Band Of Outlaws
- Phoenix (Louie Kiel)
- Replay
- Big House Blues Band
- Flashback (George Nichols w/Johnny Mitchell)
- Tight Fit
- Phat Phree

- raffles, prizes, drawings, entertainment -

Admission: $5.00 donation per person

Advance Tickets [with included raffle!], Inquiries or donations: (231) 773-5212 - [Walt Bassett]

All ages event.

-Our email and web servers were down sporadically from June 26-28 and completely on June 29 due to multiple hardware failures. These issues should now be resolved.

- Tight Fit has been confirmed for two full evening shows at Rossi's Night Club on July 14 & 15. Click here for more details.

- Vinyl Wall artist TOM (or Syd... or... whatever his name is) has some webspace over at Syd's posting some of his recordings over there and is doing quite well. So if you get a chance, click here to visit him: SoundClick-SYD

- Big House Blues Band has confirmed a booking for the Alley Door Club in Muskegon, MI on May 12. Click here for more info.

- Tight Fit has confirmed a booking for Muskegon's Eastside Extravaganza on June 2nd. Click here for more info.

- the Vinyl Wall website and email servers were down from around 3:00 P.M. Thursday February 16 until about 6:30 P.M. Friday February 17 due to an ice storm knocking out power in the area.

- Big House Blues Band worked on more of their recordings. Click the group's name to visit their website. (There are rough mixes of some of their current studio work in the group's NEWZ section.)

- Tight Fit visited the studios for another evening of recording.

- Big House Blues Band began recording: "Still Got The Blues", "Right To Be Wrong", "Gimme Some Lovin'" and "Chain Of Fools".

- Tight Fit began recording sessions for the following tracks: "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)", "Lights", "Alone Again", Talk Dirty To Me" and "Celebrity Skin".

- Doug, Nick and Jimi returned to Vinyl Wall. Nick worked on the guitar for "The House Is Rockin'" and Jimi added another guitar to "Midnight Hour". New mixes are available here. The House Is Rockin' (2.6MB) Midnight Hour (3.7MB)

- Big House Blues Band with Tzer on keys began work on the Stevie Ray Vaughan tune "The House Is Rockin'".

- Frozen House with Tzer began work on the Picket/Cropper tune: Midnight Hour.

- We've added a new 24-track recorder to our studio - an Alesis ADAT HD24. Check it out here: HD24

- Our mailing list is now up and running! Click here to subscribe.

- The date for the Duane Kooman benefit has been changed to October 16, 2005 due to a scheduling conflict at Rossi's. Keep up to date on the scheduled artists and info here: Kooman Benefit.

- A benefit is being organized for Duane Kooman to raise monies to help offset medical bills he's incurred during an illness. Duane has been a part of the Tight Fit band family for at least 16 years and was the group's Lighting Technician Assistant during that time.

Current and former Vinyl Wall artists Tight Fit, Replay and R-Eazy are scheduled to perform with other acts to be announced!

The benefit is being scheduled for Sunday, October 16 [updated from October 2] and will be held at Rossi's Nightclub in Muskegon [phone: (231) 767-7625]. As more information is gathered, we will post it here.

- We've (finally) given Tom his own area in our artist's section of the website. You can view it here: TOM. [Sorry it took so long...]

- Other than a few small clean up items, the web site makeover is now complete. We hope you like the changes. Again, if you find any dead links, or if you have suggestions for the site, please fill out our feedback form: Feedback.

- We've started giving the Vinyl Wall website a makeover. Access to some areas of the site may be interrupted during the period we are making these changes. If you find you are unable to access a particular section, or if you have suggestions about the switch, please feel free to fill out our feedback form: Feedback.

- Tight Fit has been asked to be the opening act for musician/actor Rick Springfield ("Jessie's Girl"/Dr. Noah Drake General Hospital) July 5th at Muskegon's Summer Celebration!!!!!
See the Tight Fit website for more details:

- Tight Fit performed at a benefit in Muskegon, MI to help raise money in the wake of the sudden death of Nick Archer, Jr. to help offset funeral costs, incurred expenses and for an educational fund for Nick Jr.'s small child, Chase.
See the Tight Fit website for more details:

- Tom Sydloski held sessions for an upcoming disc to be titled. He laid 6 tracks in an all day session. Then he ate pizza. So did Jimi Ray. Here's photos from the session... Photos (click here).

- Big House Blues Band put more work into the "Mockingbird" recording this evening. Still no vocals though... Here is a rough mix of the music tracks: Mockingbird (5.2MB)

- Big House Blues Band began recording the oldie "Mockingbird". Doug and his daughter Katie will be singing the song when finished.

- Tight Fit has been asked to reform for a benefit in memory of Nick Archer, Jr.
See the Tight Fit website for more details: