You will notice that Vinyl Wall Productions offers its artists' recordings without charge via downloadable files from this web site. Vinyl Wall Productions is a private, self-funded, organization. There are numerous and substantial operating costs associated with the production of recordings and videos. There are additional costs associated with maintaining an internet presence (through this web site).

We are grateful to receive gifts and donations in order that we may continue to offer our artists' talents through our web site. Additionally, if you prefer, you are welcome to make donations directly to our artists. Of course, you may contribute as much or little as you choose, and contributions of any size are greatly appreciated. All information collected relating to your contribution will not be used for any other purpose, or made available to others for any reason whatsoever.

If you would like to help us maintain this Vinyl Wall web site and contribute toward our ability to provide our artists' offerings, make checks payable to...

James R. Humphreys (Owner)
c/o Vinyl Wall Productions
4341 Louise Street
Muskegon, MI 49444

We also accept donations made through PayPal.
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Contact information is given for our artists in their respective sections of the web site. Donation arrangements for our artists can be made through these contacts.

Thank you!