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Doug Houseman

My musical career started in 1969 at my 9th grade dance. With a wall of amps behind us, and only 2 pugged in, I was ready to rock. For a while my only audience was frustrated neighbors that lived within a half block radius.

In 1976, I teamed up with Alan Goodman. Together we played a two piece acoustic act, covering artists such as, Jim Croce, Dan Fogelburg, and the Beatles. In 1985 I joined Bob Malenfont in another two piece act, known as HATFIELD & McCOY. I also did a few charity shows for the March of Dimes. In 1986 I co-founded a blues band with Jimi Ray. During that time we also recorded many different types of music together, ranging from rock and blues, to country and folk. Jimi and I have been playing and recording music together for about 11 years. Also during that time frame, I played the very first Steak & Blues show, backing Dale Durda.

In the late 80's Tom Shaub, Jim Shaub, Tim Jones and I, started a rock cover band called I.E. Since then I've sat in with bands such as OUT OF CONTROL, TIGHT FIT, and R-EAZY.

I love the Blues, and when I play the Blues, I play what I feel. And that's what music is all about.